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We strive to provide our customers with the best possible fruits, fruit trees and plants that create a long-lasting memories. Let us show you how quality fruit trees are pruined and grown,

Healthy Tree Plants

Vibrant and disease-free tree plants, carefully nurtured for robust growth and long-lasting beauty.

Quality Soil

Our premium soil ensures optimal nutrition and moisture retention, supporting thriving plants and bountiful harvests.

Seed Supply

Explore our diverse collection of high-quality seeds, empowering you to cultivate a flourishing garden.

Perfect Pruning

Expertly pruned plants showcase their natural beauty while promoting healthier growth and striking aesthetics.

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Welcome to Ligthelm Nursery, your trusted destination for exceptional quality plants, diverse fruit trees, and a passion for nurturing nature's beauty. With a team of dedicated experts, we take pride in cultivating a wide variety of healthy tree plants, including an assortment of fruit trees. From luscious peaches to fragrant pear trees, our nursery offers an abundance of options to transform your garden. Explore our collection and let us help you create your dream garden.

Here are some of our tree plants

Explore our exquisite selection of popular fruit trees, each offering mouthwatering flavors and the joy of fresh, homegrown fruits. Discover the perfect addition to your garden and indulge in nature's delicious bounty.

Peach Trees

Pear Trees

Pomegranate Trees

Almond Trees

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All of our products are listed in the PDF pricelist alongside their ripe and colour. Our pricing varies on the amount of trees you want to buy.

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Empower your farm with the finest plant varieties and fruit trees. Explore our premium selection tailored for agricultural success. Click 'See All Products' to unlock a world of farm-ready treasures and elevate your farming operations with Ligthelm Nursery.

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