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Welcome to our nursery.

At Ligthelm Nursery, our passion and love for fruit trees drive everything we do. We are dedicated to sharing the beauty and abundance of fruit trees with our customers, helping you cultivate a fruitful garden that brings joy and delicious harvests.

Our Passion and Love Towards Fruit Trees

Fruit trees hold a special place in our hearts. We believe they are not just plants but living treasures that provide nourishment, shade, and a connection to the natural world. Our team's passion and love for fruit trees inspire us to curate a collection of exceptional varieties and to share our knowledge and enthusiasm with you.

Our Vision: Cultivating a World of Fruitful Gardens

Our vision is to cultivate a world where every garden is graced with the beauty and productivity of fruit trees. We envision communities filled with abundant orchards, where people of all ages and backgrounds can delight in the sensory experiences of blossoms, the taste of sun-ripened fruits, and the satisfaction of growing their own food. Through our passion and expertise, we strive to inspire and empower individuals to create thriving, fruitful gardens that nourish both body and soul.

Exceptional Variety Selection

We carefully select our fruit tree varieties based on their outstanding qualities, including taste, texture, disease resistance, and adaptability to various climates. Our passion for fruit trees drives us to seek out unique and rare varieties, ensuring that our customers have access to a diverse selection that can cater to their specific preferences and growing conditions.

Knowledge and Expertise

Our team's passion for fruit trees is matched by our extensive knowledge and expertise in their cultivation and care. We are here to share our insights, guide you through the selection process, and provide expert advice on planting, pruning, fertilizing, and maintaining your fruit trees. Whether you are a seasoned gardener or a beginner, we are committed to helping you succeed in your fruit tree endeavors.

Growing Together

We believe that our journey with fruit trees is a shared one. We are excited to embark on this journey alongside you, offering ongoing support and resources to help you at every stage of your fruit tree experience. We host workshops to improve our team's skills, and provide educational materials.

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